Bias as a Barrier

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Biases are a natural part of how our brains operate. In fact, they’re essential. It's only when we allow them to negatively impact others, that they become a problem. This simulation explores where biases come from, how they affect us, and demonstrates some useful strategies and techniques for identifying and challenging times when we might be thinking or acting from a biased point of view.

This module is part of our Let’s Talk About Race series.

Learning objectives

Through this scenario, you will:

  • Witness how your own thinking is shaped by unconscious bias
  • Explore your own experiences of discrimination
  • Critically examine bias in popular media
  • Identify and challenge your own bias

This simulation has been co-developed in collaboration with George Brown College.

    Available now

    15-20 mins
    Diversity and inclusion
    English, French
    Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
    Single user
    Includes metrics
    Additional peripherals required


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