Dental Nurse Training

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  • The dental clinic simulator is delivered using Virtual Reality and comes complete with the tools and instruments that dental nursing students encounter in a real dental clinic
  • Students have the freedom to jump into training at will and practice infinitely, developing essential hands-on skills which would otherwise be more challenging to acquire
  • Virtual Reality is used to enable dental nursing students to experience a virtual dental clinic that provides the same tools, instruments, and equipment they encounter daily in the real world. By putting on a VR headset, students can begin gaining hands-on skills without the limitations of conventional training
  • Students can practice and hone their skills without the practical limitations of classroom training, performing the same processes that they are expected to be able to perform in the real world. Training mode encourages students to freely practice before evaluating their learned skills in Assessment mode, which teachers can then review in the Assessment Centre
  • The training provides a fuss-free experience that enables anyone to get started quickly without assuming any technical know-how. Students are able to begin training in minutes, choosing from an expanding selection of training modules

Learning objectives

  • Practise hygiene routines by starting the day with a hand washing
  • Practise cleaning of work surfaces, the dental engine and individual tools using a disinfectant wipe
  • Prepare dental instruments for use, insert tools into a cleaning unit and identify specific handpieces
  • Get a closer look at different dental trays and learn how to identify them, along with the various tools that they contain
  • Prepare for X-ray examination according to the patient type
  • Identify which instruments and extra materials are used for both an Endodontic rinse treatment and an Endodontic filling treatment, prepare the treatment room before the patient arrives (Endodontics)
  • Identify which instruments and extra materials are used in a standard filling treatment, prepare the treatment room before the patient arrives (Filling)
  • Identify which instruments and extra materials are needed for a prophylaxis and plaque disclosing treatment (Profylax and plaque disclosing)
  • Prepare the ultrasound bath so that it is ready to be used for when the clinic opens
  • Perform a load check on the washer-disinfector and answer questions about how it is operated
  • Get the sterilisation autoclave ready by doing a test run and making sure that it functions as intended
  • Clean instrument trays, and brush and rinse tools to be inserted into the sterilisation equipment
  • Train using the DAC by inserting individual angle pieces and drill heads into the machine for sterilisation
  • Learn how to properly seal tools in pouches so that they can be sterilised in the autoclave

App info

  • Creator Gleechi
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Gleechi

Gleechi develops software technology for virtual reality-based training. The company specializes in hands-on training applications for the manufacturing industry. Our Virtual Reality training platform is based on prize-winning interaction research and is the first to enable scalable creation of hands-on training for industry