Sterile Technician Training

Healthcare, Technical training
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Sterile technician training provides unique challenges for conventional training, requiring access to specialised equipment and tools in a clean environment.

The sterile technician training programme comprises three training rooms, offering washing, packaging and storage. Each room focuses on specific skill sets, such as preparing instruments for washing, using sterilisation equipment and manual inspection.

Participants can gain invaluable hands-on experience with the ability to repeat and practice infinitely.

Scenarios are randomised, which forces the user to learn and not only memorize.

Learning objectives

  • Daily equipment inspection
  • Checking of surgical tools
  • Packing for washing
  • AGS loading and preparation
  • Evaluation of washing process
  • Handling of failed instruments
  • Visual inspection of instruments
  • Lubrication of instruments
  • Packaging of instruments for Autoclave
  • Selection of Autoclave program
  • Evaluation of sterilisation process
  • Evaluation of process curve in T-Doc

App info

  • Creator Gleechi
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Gleechi

Gleechi develops software technology for virtual reality-based training. The company specializes in hands-on training applications for the manufacturing industry. Our Virtual Reality training platform is based on prize-winning interaction research and is the first to enable scalable creation of hands-on training for industry