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VR learnings from the world´s largest companies

Over a decade of experience partnering with some of the most prominent enterprises has allowed us to identify a consistent formula for achieving success in VR adoption.

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How to get it right from the start

Discover the top 5 considerations to take an early-stage VR project off the ground, and scale when needed.

The top 5 VR learnings #1 - use cases
#01 | Use case

Your use case must have a hypothesis focused on the unique and additional value VR will add. Choose a training problem that is not currently being solved adequately and where the gap between VR and existing solutions is 100% clear.

Top 5 VR learnings #02 - success criteria
#02 | Success criteria

To prove your hypothesis that VR is better, you will need a clear view of what good looks like. You might use existing solutions as a benchmark, or simply model the cost-benefit ratio. Regardless, to validate your assumptions you will need data.

Top 5 VR learnings #03 - data
#03 | Data

As early as possible, consider the data and insights your project will need to demonstrate success. Too often we see early-stage VR projects languishing in limbo due to poor or absent data, making tangible business value hard to prove.

Top 5 VR learnings #04 - end-to-end thinking
#04 | End-to-end thinking

Remember that a VR project isn’t just about the content. To fully understand the end-to-end user experience and scope of cost and complexity, you’ll need to build a plan that considers hardware, distribution and data flows.

The top 5 VR learnings #5 - organisational awareness
#05 | Organisational engagement

The most successful VR projects have multi-functional teams that include operations, L&D, project management and IT. Not everyone will be actively involved, but early engagement will lead to a resilient business case and reduce future friction.

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