Immersive training for the oil, gas & energy industry

Explore how VR can help transform the oil, gas and energy industries, including equipment training, onboarding and health & safety training.

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Oil and gas industry use cases

Improve drilling accuracy, enhance safety protocols, and boost maintenance efficiency through VR training that ensures compliance and operational excellence.

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Advanced skills transfer

Streamline skill transfer with engineer-designed scenarios for efficient, scalable training.

Risk and safety management

Safety training ensures OSHA compliance and mastery of procedures like LOTO.

Hands-on training

Allows virtual equipment interaction, enhancing competence through learning from errors.

Objective, measurable assessment

Reduces operator assessment impact with remote, data-driven management.

Culture and soft skills

Improves problem solving, negotiation, and diversity training to attract and retain talent.


Health and safety emergency response training

Shell prioritizes adherence to safety protocols, especially in emergencies, but practical, real-life simulations are often costly. Computer-based training lacks the emotional challenges necessary for effective testing.

Seeking a solution, Shell aimed to simulate an accidental overspill on a storage tanker, necessitating correct emergency procedures to extinguish the fire. Recognizing the potential of VR training, they collaborated with Immerse to develop a dynamic and flexible program.

This VR training challenges participants to solve problems without instructions, mirroring real-world scenarios in a safe, cost-effective, and repeatable manner.

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Higher throughput of trainees

Enabling more people to undergo training programs concurrently.

Safe training environment

High-risk scenarios recreated with no actual real-world risk.

Scalable training

Simple hardware and cloud-based content distribution built on our enterprise platform makes it easy to scale.

Consistent training scenarios

Recreating training scenarios and standardizing training quality.

The immersive learning app with an open platform

Easily manage all your content, users and data with the only end-to-end software solution that optimizes your technical training and operations, while reducing risks.

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