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Why use Virtual Reality Training?

By using virtual reality training it is possible to create training that is not only more engaging but also more effective than traditional training methods.

Upskill or reskill employees quickly and efficiently

Increase employee knowledge retention

Cost-effective simulation of any training scenario

Improve employee engagement and retention

Reduce training costs and travel requirements

Data-driven insights to improve performance

The Immerse Platform

Built for enterprise from the ground up, the Immerse Platform helps companies create, deploy, scale, measure and integrate VR training and maximise their ROI.


Use our SDK to create content quickly and cost-effectively or import your existing content

Deploy & Scale

Roll out and manage global training programmes securely. Use Single or multi-user modes via VR headset or browser.

Measure & Integrate

Capture every detail with fully customised reporting. Flow into existing systems using industry standards.

Enterprise-ready VR content

The Immerse Platform enables you to utilise new or existing VR content by bringing it to life with measurable insights – and by making it easy to deploy and scale across your business.

Create new content

Create single or multi-user training content with the Immerse SDK and access built-in or third-party VR interaction libraries (such as VR Toolkit).

Import existing content

Import existing VR content with minimal set-up or expertise. You can maximise its impact – bringing it to life with data insights and features – while keeping total control and flexibility.

Data-driven insights

Get more value from your VR content with state-of-the-art VR data insights. Add reporting scripts to training content to generate performance data, delivered in a downloadable text-based report.

Case Studies

GE Healthcare: Transforming radiography training

Shell: Health and safety emergency response training

QinetiQ: Moving submarine training on to firmer ground

DHL: Warehouse-based cargo loading training

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

We believe that VR can enhance human performance in remarkable ways. Get in touch to explore what the Immerse Platform can achieve for your business.