The single immersive learning app with an open platform

Easily manage all your content, users and data with the only end-to-end software solution that optimizes your immersive learning investments

One app for all your immersive learning

Transform the learner experience and drive adoption; employees can access immersive learning experiences from any creator into one easy-to-use white-label app

Streamline the learning journey

Save the learner time and effort searching for multiple learning experiences across systems and facilitate immersive content access and usage with customizable learning paths.

Elevate the learner experience

Provide a consistent user interface and navigation, and create moments of delight with unique gamification and forms, for assessments, feedback, and more.

No-code forms and gamification

Create a tailored learner experience by adding these engagement features with no technical expertise required.

A flexible, modular approach to VR training

Get total freedom to scale on your terms with our modular approach.
No bottlenecks, no walled gardens, no dependencies – you are in control.

Work with any content provider

Integrate XR content from any specialist creator worldwide – ensuring you have the best-suited VR content for every use-case.

Full interoperability

Seamlessly connect with any enterprise systems for a truly integrated training experience.

No vendor lock-in

We won’t tie you down with migration costs or difficulties. Our customers stay for the continued value.

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The only open platform in the market 

Eliminate the complexity of governing scattered immersive learning experiences. Centralize the management, distribution, and reporting for all your training and set your organization for growth.

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Prove compliance

Keep a record of employee training, making it easier to demonstrate compliance with integration into LMS.

Scale training

Roll out unified training experiences and updates across the organization, regardless of the specific content used.

Consolidate data analytics

Obtain valuable insights into training effectiveness and learner performance

Reduce costs

Eliminate licensing, maintenance and support expenses for different platforms

Reduce complexity with all your XR learning in one place

Your VR, AR and 3D content will come from many sources and vendors. Our range of tools allow you to consolidate new, existing and off-the-shelf immersive content wherever it comes from.

Learn how to consolidate your content

The open and agnostic infrastructure for VR

Standardised distribution and data ensures all your user performance data is compliant and easily integrates with your existing enterprise systems.

Measure business impact

From completion statements to every user interaction; measure training efficacy and prove ROI with advanced analytics.

Integrate with your LMS

Access reporting for all your immersive learning experiences directly into your LMS, seamlessly.

Enterprise-grade security

Secure content and data and meet compliance regulations with a platform hosted on AWS.

The Immerse Platform allows us to gather the vital information that we need in order to upskill our employees efficiently in an innovative and engaging way

Anthony Del Barto, Learning Technology Manager, BP

Why enterprise teams choose the Immerse Platform



Unique learner interface

All your immersive experiences in one single app

Centralized management platform

Manage all your content from any creator

Walled gardens

Seamless deployment

Distribute training directly into the headset

Limited deployment options

Unified reporting

Consolidate data analytics and insights

Integration with LMS

Measure training effectiveness and ROI

Not plug and play

Learning paths

Structure learning programs

Enhanced learner experience

No-code surveys and gamification, and assessments

Authoring tools

SDKs to create your own content

Limited authoring tools

Off-the-shelf content

130+ cost-effective titles

Custom content or limited off-the-shelf offering

Multiplayer options

Native multiplayer built specifically for enterprise

3rd party multiplayer services

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Learn how Immerse can help you streamline the management, distribution, and reporting of your immersive learning experiences, eliminating complexity and setting your organization on a path for growth.

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Is the Immerse end-to-end software solution secure?

We are ISO 27001 compliant with secure firewall protection and data storage, plus high levels of accessibility, redundancy, and recoverability. The platform is hosted on AWS, providing compliance with over 50 international security and regulatory standards. Security reviews are carried out monthly, and we can provide access to independent penetration tests where required. Access and security audit logs are provided as standard.

What distribution options do you provide and what hardware headsets do you support?

We recognise that every company and every use case has different distribution needs, so we provide a wide range of user flows from anonymous login to two-factor authentication. Our platform supports all major VR headsets from Meta, Vive, Pico and Windows Mixed Reality and also enables desktop, browser and mobile delivery.

What systems and tools does the Immerse platform integrate with?

The Immerse Platform offers out-of-the-box, configurable integrations with your existing systems and workflows, allowing you to drive scale more quickly – from user authentication to sending learner data to Learning Management Systems. We have also helped many of our customers with more custom integrations.

Options include:

Single sign-on with support for OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect
LMS integration, including SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Cornerstone and more
xAPI based reporting engine for integration with Learning Record Stores or similar

How can I agreggate existing immersive learning experiences?

If your company has already started your immersive journey, your content will likely be fragmented across your organization. We can work with you to consolidate all existing content from all your valued vendors into one immersive learning app and platform – streamlining distribution and standardizing reporting.

How can I measure training impact in my LMS?

As immersive content grows across your organisation, you need a way to ensure tracking and data is standardised and centralised. The Immerse Platform provides consistent tracking across a range of levels – from completion statements to every user interaction – all centralised via our xAPI reporting engine and available on your LMS.

How do I trial the Immerse Platform?

Trialling the Immerse Platform is easy and requires just a few steps to set up. Three types of roles are involved (but one person often performs several roles during a trial):

– IT / MDM admin – responsible for managing headsets and distributing apps;

– Trial end user – uses the Immerse Launcher and apps in a VR headset;

– Immerse Platform admin – manages the Immerse Platform through a web browser – views data, accesses the content library, manages users and creates assignments;

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