Construction Safety Bundle

Confined spaces, Hazard awareness, Health and safety, Working at height
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This bundle includes seven applications, all focused on improving safety practices and identifying potential hazards on a construction site.

  • Trenching Awareness: This interactive simulation engages users in evaluating a newly constructed trench for potential hazards that could lead to a full trench collapse. Learners will familiarize themselves with essential protective measures and acquire knowledge on ensuring safety within and around trenching and excavation zones.
  • Scaffolding Awareness: This interactive simulation requires participants to navigate an active construction site and pinpoint common scaffolding hazards, such as structural issues, falling objects, electrical threats, and collapse risks. Users will gain proficiency in recognizing when their safety is compromised on elevated platforms.
  • Fall Protection Systems: This interactive simulation facilitates Learner’s exploration of a construction environment, guiding them to recognize potential hazards and identify missing fall protection systems. As a result, participants will develop heightened situational awareness and understand which personal fall protection system best suits work being performed on a jobsite.
  • Earthmoving Equipment: This interactive simulation offers a comprehensive virtual experience, leading learners through an active construction site. As users navigate the environment, they are prompted to identify and understand the common dangers associated with different types of earthmoving equipment in operation. This experience is geared towards enhancing situational awareness when encountering common machinery found on the jobsite.
  • Caught-in-Between Awareness: This interactive simulation provides users with a comprehensive walkthrough of a virtual construction site, showcasing workers engaged in high-risk activities. The primary learning objectives encompass the identification and assessment of caught-in and caught-between hazards. The aim is to enhance the user’s mindfulness and self-awareness while working around common machinery and associated hazards.
  • Welding and Hotwork Construction: This interactive simulation showcases the intricacies of welding and hotwork procedures on a jobsite. As users progress through the simulation, they encounter real-world scenarios showcasing hazards related to welding, grinding, and other hotwork tasks. The core aim is twofold: to heighten their awareness of these hazards and to arm learners with the necessary skills to swiftly identify and rectify potential dangers, thus fostering a safer workplace.
  • General Safety Overview – Construction: This interactive simulation offers an immersive journey through a virtual construction environment. As learners navigate this digital landscape, they are presented with a variety of scenarios that reflect real-world hazards commonly encountered on construction sites. The experience is designed not only to raise awareness of these potential dangers but also to help develop personal visual literacy skills. The objective is to enable learners to proactively identify and mitigate risks based on real-world applications.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and assess the different types of trenching hazards
  • Develop an understanding of the different roles of involved in safe scaffolding use
  • Identify where fall protection systems are needed at the worksite, Identify which types of fall protection systems are used to prevent which hazards
  • Identify hazards associated with earthmoving equipment
  • Identify and assess caught-in & caught-between hazards
  • Develop an understanding of best safety practices for welding and hotwork
  • Develop an overall understanding of common jobsite hazards, Identify the safest way to respond when common jobsite hazards appear

App info

  • Creator 360 Immersive
  • Industry Construction
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: 360 Immersive

360 Immersive is a passionate group of tech enthusiasts, storytellers, and innovators committed to creating immersive training solutions that help save lives. Integration of a virtual assistant into simulations not only addresses personal safety but also emphasizes psychological safety, self-advocacy, and the development of empathy skills. Training the modern workforce to prioritize their well-being and to think independently is a challenge. VR serves as an invaluable tool in this endeavor.