Chemical Factory Hazard Awareness

Hazard awareness
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Hazard Spotting – Chemical Factory is a Virtual Reality training course that raises awareness among your teams about the visual detection of hazardous behaviours or situations, in a chemical manufacturing plant.

Learning objectives

  • Be aware of the risks associated with exposure and handling of chemicals
  • Identify and prevent these risks in the workplace (mixing, packaging, storage)
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and preventive actions
  • Identify the hazardous situations and high-risk behavior appearing at random in the chemical plant
  • View the corrections sheet at the end of the exercise to measure the number of errors identified and review the procedures for any errors that have gone unnoticed

App info

  • Creator Immersive Factory
  • Industry -
  • Languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Headsets Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user
  • Include metrics Yes
  • Additional peripherals required No

About the creator: Immersive Factory

Created by experts from the EHS and digital world, our workshops and training are based on emotionally impactful experience in a realistic virtual environment.. Immersion, initiative-taking and evaluation are the keys to an active learning experience that prevents risks and produces a long-term influence on behavior.