VR for consumer packaged goods

Explore how our partners are reducing downtime, boosting skill development, and improving safety and compliance.

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Consumer Packaged Goods industry use cases

Enhance production training, boost process efficiency, and meet safety goals, ensuring operational excellence and market responsiveness.

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Reduce machinery downtime

Maximize operational uptime, increase production efficiency and reduce expenses.

Drive training efficiency

Centralized virtual training that scales knowledge transfer.

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Risk and safety management

Aids safe behavior practice, ensuring compliance with global safety regulations.

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Build culture and soft skills

Enhance communication, promote problem-solving, negotiation, and leadership.

Enhance sales and marketing

Virtual retail scenarios optimize product placement and drive sales.

Customer and staff education

Educate on corporate programs for sustainability and improved living conditions.


Driving sales with store merchandising best practice

Immerse worked with Mars to create a virtual replica of the store environment where Associates could be measured and assessed on how well they followed Mars’ best practice guidelines for store merchandising. The solution had to scale, too, so that it could bring consistency to training for Mars’ Associates around the world.

Immerse´s self-guided training solution tailored the VR environment to each trainee’s specific sales area resulting in a substantial boost in training effectiveness and efficiency, measured with the Immerse Platform.

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Self-guided learning program

VR modules guide representatives through the ‘Perfect Store’ principles, without need for an instructor.

Adapted to the learner’s needs

The virtual environment can be tailored to suit the trainee’s specific area of sales, maximising training output.

Scalable training

Training scaled globally across the organization and measured centrally.

Measurable results

The program created actionable insights that drove tangible results.

The immersive learning app with an open platform

Easily manage all your content, users and data with the only end-to-end software solution that optimizes your manufacturing training and CPG operations

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