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Learn how others see you and develop self-awareness, practise introducing yourself to new colleagues and discover three rules to making a positive impact at work.

Great news! You’ve landed an internship with a leading games design agency, but now its time to go to work. Are you ready for your first day as an up-and-coming member of the team? Have you got what it takes to make a great first impression and excel in your new position?

The first days in a new job have always been nerve-wracking. But in today’s climate, it can be incredibly daunting for anyone just starting or returning to work after a career break. Employers expect candidates to arrive in the workplace with ready-made soft skills. Still, fewer entry-level jobs means that opportunities to build these skills are more limited than ever before.

Bodyswaps uses behavioural science, AI data and immersive VR to simulate realistic workplace scenarios where you can practise and perfect those all-important soft skills in a psychologically safe environment.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how others see you
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Practise introducing yourself to new colleagues
  • Build confidence in talking to people you don't know
  • Discover three rules to making a positive impact at work
  • Practise communicating ideas clearly and with confidence

App info

  • Creator Bodyswaps
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Bodyswaps

Bodyswaps is an award-winning immersive learning platform designed to deliver lasting behavioural change. Bodyswaps VR solutions create a safe space where learners can practise soft skills, with AI-enabled analytical feedback to accelerate personal development. Since 2019, London-based Bodyswaps has helped a wide range of organisations deliver measurable value by building more empathic workplaces and fostering greater inclusivity.