Dropped Objects

Hazard awareness, Health and safety, Working at height
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The Dropped Objects simulation is located in two areas. Firstly, a tool room, where the delegate will identify what a potential dropped object is; identify the difference between static and dynamic objects; assess the risk of various objects falling from heights and identify potential hazards. Finally, the delegate will choose the correct tools and attachments required to complete the job.

Secondly, the delegate will move to a realistic situation on site, requiring them to work at height involving the use of a MEWP. The delegate will cordon off a protected area, before completing a site safety inspection, where they will identify potential risks. Finally, they will take a 10-point assessment test to confirm learning of key objectives.

Learning objectives

  • How to identify dropped objects
  • Understand the risks involved with different objects from different heights and the potential consequences
  • Learn how to correctly cordon off a work area
  • Inspect and choose the correct equipment for working at heights
  • Identify where and when dropped objects may be encountered

App info

  • Creator Tesla Tan
  • Industry Construction, Manufacturing
  • Languages English, Russian
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Tesla Tan

Tesla Tan VR are part of Tesla Tan LLP. The VR division works primarily in the Oil & Gas sector, providing VR Training for HSE and technical purposes. We also work in the aviation and construction industries. Our partner company, QZ Hub are also a Kazakh-based company.