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Explore how our manufacturing customers are reducing downtime, speeding up time to market and upskilling.

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Improvement in speed to competence
Revenue generation through reduced downtime
Reduction in total
training time
Increase in information recall rates
Manufacturing industry use cases

Enhance assembly processes, optimize quality control, and increase equipment handling proficiency through risk-free VR training that delivers operational efficiencies.

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Cost reduction

Minimize the need for using real-world equipment, reducing downtime and wear & tear.

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Improved compliance

Promote and assess adherence to regulations and best practices.

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Better crisis management

Augment response capabilities to effectively mitigate the impact of real crises.

Injury and accident reduction

Preparing for dangerous situations, effectively reducing accident risks.

Competency development

Enhance competency and foster consistency in team capabilities to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Business continuity

Ensure business continuity by sustaining operational stability across varied scenarios.


Scaling health and safety training to 400 factories worldwide

We worked with Nestlé to boost safety via immersive learning, showing workers the consequences of neglecting safety protocols.

Immerse developed a VR training program covering Confined Spaces, Working at Heights, and Safe Machine Intervention, to both educate and evaluate staff adherence to safety measures.

Tracked across factories through the Immerse Platform, this training yields insights on completion rates and errors, facilitating enhancements in safety training.

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Better information recall rates

Nestlé achieved a 75% increase in information recall rates, compared to 10% through previous training.

Safe training environment

High-risk scenarios recreated with no actual real-world risk.

Scalable training

Simple hardware and cloud-based content distribution built on our enterprise platform makes it easy to scale the training globally.

Cost reduction

Nestlé achieved an increase in knowledge retention and training cost reduction.

The immersive learning app with an open platform

Easily manage all your content, users and data with the only end-to-end software solution that optimizes manufacturing training and operations

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