We’re proving humans excel through immersive technology


Every employee deserves the best training for the job

To strengthen their personal and career development, but also to ensure they provide the very best results for their employer and industry. This doesn’t always happen, but we’re changing that.

Our mission is to make sure all organisations can deliver and prove the game-changing power of immersive technology at scale.

Our global reach

The Immerse Platform is truly a global technology, delivering immersive learning experiences across 100 countries.

We’re also proud to have built a network of 60+ partners that deliver content, technology and services across over 25+ regions.

Our leadership team

The Immerse team have spent decades building platforms, interactive products and learning in global organisations and start-ups.

Tom Symonds

CEO and co-founder

Justin Parry

COO and Co-founder

Lucas San Pedro

Chief Technology Officer

Lee Kelly

Chief Finance Officer

Marina Pujol

Head of Marketing

Paul Jones

VP, Technology Strategist, Life Sciences

David Horne

Business Development Director

David Horne
Phil Trease

Head of Customer Success

Dave Browne

Platform Director

Dave Browne
Jesus Manzanares

Head of Platform Engineering

Shane Harper

Head of XR Engineering

Shane Harper
..and the team

of talented artists, developers, and more

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