Excavator Loading Game

Health and safety, Technical training
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A game in which players must load as many balls as possible onto a truck against the ticking clock. Players compete to see who can load the most tons in the shortest amount of time. Various factors are measured and the player receives feedback on which factors can be improved for example Tons Per Bucket, Swing To Load, Fill Time, Swing To Truck, Dump Time, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Measure excavator operator proficiency at loading a truck
  • Measure and improve on specific factors that drive the overal tons loaded, such as Tons Per Bucket, Swing To Load, Fill Time, Swing To Truck and Dump Time
  • Mining specific team building game – compete for the high score

App info

  • Creator BSC Reality Science
  • Industry Construction
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user
  • Include metrics -
  • Additional peripherals required No

About the creator: BSC Reality Science

Reality Science aims to drive human capital effectiveness through extended reality and interactive and digital media. Our value proposition is to Enhance skill development for productivity and compliance, Orientate and Socialize staff to drive better engagement and Provide Execution Support, via overlays and augmented perspectives.