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Explore how VR can help transform pharma and biotechnology, from improving manufacturing & operations to streamlining patient and clinician education.

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The pharma VR value chain

Real results for our top 10 global pharma customers

Improvement in speed to competence
Revenue generation through reduced downtime
Reduction in total
training time
Sustainability impact through reduced ICCW kits and gowns
Pharma industry use cases

VR training offers solutions from the molecule to the patient, including the onboarding of scientists, increasing the quality and compliance in manufacturing, and enhancing patient-centric sales performance.

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Streamline manufacturing training

Virtual environments for hands-on skills training, minimizing downtime and business disruptions.

Boost clinical trial participation

VR enhances learning and retention and streamlines clinical trial recruitment.

Enhance sales and marketing performance

Increased retention of key messages and 2x uplift in use of core messaging from VR training during sales readiness validation.

Risk and safety management

Virtual simulations offer a safe environment for practicing emergency and safety responses.

Soft skills and onboarding

Deliver immersive experiences for essential skills development and bring new hires up to speed faster.

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Aseptic manufacturing process

This top 10 global pharma company achieved a 50% reduction in time for technical training.

This company is working with Immerse to deliver a revolutionary virtual reality training experience for the aseptic manufacturing process. This is a linear experience where the operator is taught the correct order of the procedure.

By training operators on the process in VR, we are able to ensure the time they spend on the physical machine is more productive, as operators will be prepared, experienced and practiced.

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Sterile Technician Training

The Immerse Marketplace includes sterile technician training from our partner Gleechi. The app focuses on specific skills including preparing instruments for washing, using sterilisation equipment and manual inspection.

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