3 Steps to Answering (Almost) Any Question

Career development, Soft skills
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One of the scariest things about an interview is not knowing what questions the interviewer is going to throw at you. Every career counsellor worth their salt will tell you how important it is to prepare for your interview by practising, practising, practising answering different types of questions. But if your strategy is to learn how to answer every question verbatim, you’re going to come unstuck. The best approach is to master a technique that will help you to answer almost any question the interviewer can throw at you.

Learning objectives

  • Practise analysing interview questions (including curve balls) to identify what the interviewer is looking for
  • Discover a fail-safe three-step strategy for answering behavioural questions in a job interview
  • Craft winning answers using the C.A.R. (Context, Action, Result) technique
  • Practise your verbal and non-verbal communication skills when delivering responses in an interview

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