Construction Road Safety

Hazard awareness, Health and safety, Vehicle/Road safety
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Gear up with the correct safety equipment in the locker room and enter a big construction site, ready for work.
Deal with the unexpected and decide on the safest path forward by making calm and informed decisions under pressure.
Learn how to behave around heavy machinery and passing vehicles in the construction site and the public roads surrounding the site.
Try and achieve your goals on time and in safety.

Learning objectives

  • Learn safety behaviour around public roads and heavy machinery within construction sites in virtual reality

App info

  • Creator OutHere
  • Industry Construction
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: OutHere

OutHere is a world leader in designing virtual reality safety training experiences for a variety of industries including construction, industrial and healthcare. Our unique approach is based on core behavioural psychology principles where repetition in task oriented problem solving through a lens of experiential and environmental awareness, leads to life saving and cost efficient behavioural changes in real humans.