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Immerse VR data insights
Leveraging VR data across the whole organisation
Data-driven strategic support

VR training data from the Immerse Platform offers more than just insights into program effectiveness; it also delivers predictive analytics crucial for strategic decision-making.

By leveraging this rich data, organizations can foresee challenges, customize training to meet specific needs, and enhance both individual and operational performance.

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Immerse Platform for reporting data
Rich performance insights with the Immerse Platform

The Immerse Platform tracks and analyzes how learners interact with VR, offering a granular view of performance, engagement, and areas for improvement.

Turning training insights into a competitive advantage

From boosting productivity to driving innovation, training metrics are a valuable resource to increase overall business performance.

Learning effectiveness

Enables precise identification of skills gaps, optimization of training content and informed decisions about future training needs.

Immerse platform VR data for learning effectiveness
Operational efficiency

Insights into technical training performance allow for optimizing workflows and processes, as employees master necessary skills more efficiently.

VR data for operational efficiency
Safety and compliance

Detailed tracking of safety protocol adherence during VR training sessions can predict and reduce workplace accidents and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Safety and compliance for VR data
Immerse platform VR data for learning effectiveness

Metrics that drive optimization

Predictive skill analytics

Identify specific skills gaps and strengths and develop customized training programs to enhance both individual performance and overall workforce capability.

Production line

Learn how workers handle machinery and equipment, identify inefficiencies, and optimize production line setups.

Maintenance and repair

Identify issues before they lead to equipment failure, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs, as well as forecasting potential warranty claims.

Quality control and assurance

Tracking and correcting errors helps embed best practices in daily operations, improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

data and analytics
Sales prediction

Anticipate sales trends based on the product knowledge and techniques mastered by the salesforce to improve accuracy in sales forecasting and enhance commercial strategies.

Measurable insights
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Our customers are measuring success with the Immerse Platform

Behavioural improvement
back on the job
Reduction in
worksite accidents
Reduction in total
training time


Enterprise-ready reporting

The Immerse Platform reporting service is built using the xAPI protocol, the industry standard for immersive learning. This allows all user performance data to be integrated with Learning Management Systems such as  Cornerstone OnDemand, SuccessFactors and Workday.

Advanced analytics

Supports in-depth insights for strategic improvement and alignment with business goals.

Integration with LMS

Seamlessly integrates reporting with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Customized learning

Enables the creation of personalized learning paths to meet the unique needs of each learner.


The Immerse xAPI reporting system

In this video, Immerse COO Justin Parry walks through the xAPI reporting system available on the Immerse Platform. This includes a conceptual overview, how to build a statement using vocabulary and grammar from the Immerse xAPI profile.

We´ll help you launch your xAPI reporting

At Immerse, we seamlessly integrate xAPI reporting into your VR apps, from any content creator, during development or post-deployment. Our consultancy service tailors the xAPI structure to meet your reporting objectives, integrate it with the Immerse Platform and deliver rich data and ROI analysis.

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