Life-Saving Rules Aware

Hazard awareness, Health and safety
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This course is aimed at understanding the relevant Life-Saving Rules. It is presented as a  highly interactive game which is fun to do. The game includes:

  • Sounds, vibrations, icons, simple animations, exciting music, game with “funny ghost voices, highly interactive as scenes that is frequently constantly changing.
  • Learning details for the Life-Saving rule are shown as short clips and text and presented in spoken word to enhance learning uptake
  • Physical action is required of the trainees to participate in the game

Based on a self-identification by the trainees, the course is automatically tailored to the needs of the trainees. For office workers, a broad high-level selection of the Life-Saving Rules is covered—enough to be able to recognise situations where Life-Saving Rules are applicable. Drivers get a selection of all the rules they can encounter while driving. They are also able to recognise whether Life-Saving Rules are applicable in activities at sites they visit. All driving-related rules are covered in great detail, covering many relevant situations that are causal for fatalities. For field/operational workers, all the rules are covered to a level that enables them to recognise hazardous conditions that historically were causal for most fatalities.

Learning objectives

  • Recall the Live-Saving Rules and their icons
  • Recall all relevant required actions (“action statements”) for each of the presented Life-Saving Rules
  • Understand how to comply with the life-Saving Rules
  • Understand individual actions to protect peers and themselves from harm in hazardous situations.

App info

  • Creator Virsat
  • Industry Oil & Gas
  • Languages English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Virsat

Bonded through their common passion for developing safety strategies and technological innovations, Willem, Dick, and Bassam have established VIRSAT LLC which stands for Virtual Reality Safety Training. The three partners have developed this passion through their vast experience working for major oil and gas companies around the world and witnessing the dire need for an innovative learning process that would support companies in their HSSE policies and implementation. They experienced real-life fatal incidents, studied the causation and underlying issues, and were material in Shell's effort to change the safety performance to a best in class. They realized the positive impact of imagery and animations in the process of teaching and decided to focus their attention on building  transformational learning experiences” through the use of audio-visual animations and VR technology. A whole suite of products is developed as a serious game, application, or interactive animation. VIRSAT's mission is to provide support to companies in finding the best solution to implement their respective HSSE policies and in turn, provide a safer environment for their workers.