Protection of Sensitive Data

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You play the role of employees in a business facing cyberattacks, as well as hackers searching for a breach to carry out a hack. Thanks to these two points of view, you have the best understanding of the issues of cybersecurity and the protection of sensitive data. Accompanied by your virtual coach, you learn how to protect your company’s sensitive data.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and manage sensitive data
  • Recognising and combating social engineering
  • Adopt the best practices of remote work

App info

  • Creator Reality Academy
  • Languages English, French
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Reality Academy

Reality Academy developed the widest catalogue of training courses in Virtual Reality and E-Learning in order to provide the best training solution with a playful, immersive and innovative solution that boosts professional skills and raises awareness on issues.