VR for the logistics industry

Explore how our partners are tackling onboarding, soft skill retention and reinforcing safe practices

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Logistics industry use cases

Enhance warehouse operations, improve transportation logistics, and boost employee safety through risk-free VR training that drives operational effectiveness.

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Optimise employee onboarding

Accelerates equipment training and time-to-competency, avoiding machinery downtime.

Reduce training costs

Increases productivity by removing classroom training time and expenses and workflow disruptions.

Reinforce safe practices

Virtual safety training reduces errors without risking employees, equipment, or goods.

Build culture and soft skills

Enhances soft skills cost-effectively, with flexibility for employees, and minimal operational impact

Attract the next generation of talent

Improves candidate experience, brand differentiation, and skills screening.


Overcoming the challenges of cargo loading training

For a large shipping company like DHL, loading packages efficiently to optimise cargo space is crucial. To avoid wasting space and money, DHL needed to train many thousands of its global workforce in how to load every shipment to maximise space.

In addition, DHL wanted to provide interactive, gamified training that their workforce would find stimulating in order to improve retention rates and overall employee engagement. Creating a new VR training programme was the natural solution.

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Cost savings

Significant cost savings in package loading

Improved performance

99% of training participants said it would benefit their performance

Sustainability impact

Reduced CO2 emissions

Employee engagement

Unprecedented levels of employee engagement

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