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Company Un(Hacked) is the world’s first VR cybersecurity training program. It is a practical virtual reality course that increases company employees’ awareness of cyberattacks and data protection.

While playing the role of a hacker, the employee has the flexibility to make free choices in the game. The intelligent system summarizes them and evaluates their results. Trainees are informed of their mistakes and receive suggestions for better future solutions during daily work that can be implemented after the game ends. This cybersecurity course is a part of the LAB XR software, which allows seeing the progress made by each employee. With Company Un(Hacked), we can learn about the results of trainees and generate the necessary documentation and certificates.

Scenario 1 – focuses on hacking an organization by emailing an employee with a link to a virus page. Information about what email to create and who to send can be found on the victim’s social media. This scenario teaches us to be careful about what data we share online and watch out for suspicious email links.

Scenario 2 – shows how extracting login data from a from a company’s employee under pressure over the phone. We obtain online information about who we call, create fake IP addresses, and conduct the conversation so the victim logs in to the fake website by sending us their actual data. We can also extract the SMS code from employees similarly, showing that such security measures do not protect against social engineering hackers.

Scenario 3 – our task is to give an employee the pen drive with a virus. We create it from scratch; we make a virus-infected file that will interest the victim, who we select after checking the company’s website to obtain detailed information about the employee. Most often, a person with little experience is unaware of the threat. After uploading the virus to a flash drive, we send a drone that will leave on the victim’s car in a dedicated envelope. We take over the organization’s data when the employee connects the flash drive to the computer.

Learning objectives

  • What is cybersecurity?
  • What social engineering is and how it threatens us
  • The technical aspects of collecting information about the victims
  • Setting effective passwords
  • How to proceed when receiving suspicious emails and links (phishing)
  • Good data management practices

App info

  • Creator Giant Lazer
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Giant Lazer

Giant Lazer pushes the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality use as one of the leading polish teams of 3D designers and VR/AR developers. The company specializes in B2B projects development and creating educational applications for schools and universities. The company has in the past partnered with such institutions, as Red Bull, Deutsche Telecom, Imperial College London, ING, and many more. Giant Lazer's XR Lab infrastructure also its specialists work with green screen CGI post-production, motion capture animation, body tracking, photogrammetry, and haptic technology.