Gas Boiler Maintenance

Technical training
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Explore the structure of a gas boiler using high-precision 3D models, constructed based on real part scanning.

Identify and remedy common faults that may occur in a gas boiler. During the operation, it is necessary to disassemble the boiler, switch water valves, drain water, and determine the presence of voltage on sensors.

Troubleshooting process is accompanied by helpful prompts, ensuring that the process is intuitive.

Learning objectives

  • Discover the structure of a gas boiler
  • Identify and troubleshoot typical malfunctions

App info

  • Creator Mind Games Software
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: Mind Games Software

The company Mind Games Software develops solutions for professional training. We use advanced immersive technologies such as virtual reality, body tracking, dynamic platforms to create effective simulators of processes and mechanisms used in risky or expensive industries. We create LMS systems with integrated VR simulators for comprehensive employee training. The system includes theoretical materials, tests, simulators, performance statistics, covering the entire training course for a particular specialty.