Active Shooter

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Most active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives; many within just 5 minutes. Actions taken in those minutes are crucial and might mean the difference between life and death. “Run, Hide, Fight” is a strategy recommended by law enforcement agencies, to help individuals respond to an active shooter, or other violent situation.

Using an office environment, this immersive simulation provides a safe and controlled virtual space for individuals to experience an active shooter situation and practice their response. All the while, they will experience stress and pressure, without the risk of physical harm.

Other custom environments can be created by VRCETI, to cater to customers’ individual requirements

    Learning objectives

    Learn and practice the steps to take during each of the three phases:

    • Run – if it is safe to do so, evacuate the area immediately and find a secure location.
    • Hide – if evacuation is not possible, find a secure hiding place where the attacker is less likely to find you
    • Fight – as a last resort, if your life is in imminent danger and all other options have been exhausted, physically resist the attacker using improvised weapons and aggressive tactics

    Available now

    10-15 mins
    Emergency Response
    Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
    Single user
    Includes metrics
    Additional peripherals required


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