VR health and safety training

Transform health and safety training with the power of virtual reality

Discover how virtual reality can transform health and safety training by providing efficient and engaging experiences for employees.

Solve the employee training gap


Health and safety practices might be designed to make the workplace safer, but the cost of work-related injuries is on the rise – costing US businesses more than $62 billion a year. Outdated training methods are at the heart of the problem.

VR transforms the L&D experience by making it more efficient and engaging. Whether you’re educating employees about workplace safety or showing them how to navigate emergency situations, you can lower training costs, save time, and improve employee decision making with VR.

VR training for any health and safety use case

Give your employees the immersive, hands-on experience they need to hone their skills for a variety of scenarios to create and maintain a safe real world working environment.

Restricted spaces

Show employees how to safely handle on-the-job situations, such as working at heights or in confined spaces.

Hazard perception and identification

Build employee understanding of workplace hazards and reinforce the right action to take when they are encountered in the real world.

Emergency procedures

Let employees experience dangerous situations in a low pressure environment, enabling them to learn from their mistakes.

Safety protocol rollout

Reinforce employee knowledge of health and safety procedures, keeping training consistent across the board while encouraging the right behaviour.

Enhance health and safety training effectiveness with VR

Ongoing training to improve health and safety awareness is a top learning and development priority for more than 13% of global organisations. VR is fast emerging as one of the becoming most effective formats, especially for globally dispersed teams.

Make training cost-effective

Traditionally, training a disparate team required everyone in the same room, which resulted in lost time and travel costs. In contrast, VR is 64% more cost effective than classroom training at scale. Immersive, highly engaging sessions can be run with attendees from anywhere in the world, letting you upskill staff at scale while minimising off-task time.

Enhance safety with consistency

Learning on the job can be dangerous. VR creates a safe training environment that’s more effective than classroom-based alternatives, closing the experience gap and encouraging critical thinking. As VR training scenarios can be created once and rolled out repeatedly, you can also ensure every employee gets the same consistent experience to compound these benefits. After the introduction of VR training at Ford, for example, employee injuries reduced by 70%.

Keep business-critical equipment online

Taking equipment offline for training, or having employees wait their turn to use a simulator, is a thing of the past. Virtual training modules can replicate any real world environment, providing the same experience but without the operational impact.

Transform the assessment process

Assessment of health and safety performance in traditional learning scenarios is expensive and can be unreliable. VR eliminates this. Employees can be assessed remotely and, with 3D session recording, trainers can go back and show them exactly how to rectify errors.

The Immerse difference

Not every enterprise-ready VR solution is created equal. Find out how Immerse helps you supercharge the employee experience and maximise ROI.

Content freedom

Choose from Marketplace, our library of licensable off-the-shelf VR training apps, or work with Immerse to create compelling custom VR content. Use our SDK create your own or import your existing content. With modular support for creating your own single or multi-user scenarios, and a streamlined importing process for getting your existing content onto our platform to distribute at scale, you can ensure a consistent training experience for employees every time, no matter where they’re located.

Measurable insight

Guiding the development of soft skills can be difficult – but not with Immerse. As every user action is recorded, our platform transforms that information stream into actionable intelligence. Get the data-driven insight you need to measure attention and engagement, helping introduce real behavioural change.

Seamless integration and enterprise-level security

Using VR to develop soft skills works best when it can integrate with your existing systems. Our platform makes that possible. With xAPI and Single Sign-On (SSO) support, and secure connectivity to your LMS or other business intelligence tools, it’s quick and easy to introduce the benefits of VR.

Content distribution and scalability

Rolling out VR training for your workforce doesn’t have to mean an IT upgrade. Let us manage the complexities of user access requirements and content delivery, giving you the freedom to introduce a fully immersive learning environment at your own pace. As our platform can be accessed through a web browser, you don’t even need to equip every team member with a VR headset to get started.

Platform benefits

Immerse is designed from the ground up for simplified deployment and ongoing management, and offers several key benefits:

Risk-free simulation

Train employees in a safe, virtual environment for scenarios that are either too dangerous or inviable to replicate in reality.

Deeper engagement

A fully immersive experience that helps employees learn by doing, reinforcing the right behavior and knowledge retention.

Built-in repeatability

Create content once, roll it out countless times. Train employees at scale, consistently, and efficiently.

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere with managed content hosting, further reducing costs.

Open platform

Secure, seamless integration with your existing systems and the freedom to bring and create your own content.

Hardware agnostic

Full support for a wide range of VR devices, as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications.

Virtual training, real ROI

It’s expensive to train employees in high cost of failure situations. It can be time-consuming to assess them, too. With a global workforce, Shell needed to make this process more efficient.

By implementing immersive digital training modules that could be rolled out at scale and assessed from anywhere, the Immerse Platform helped Shell deliver engaging and scalable health & safety training across a global workforce, with robust measurement to prove value and efficacy.

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