VR for employee onboarding

Transform the onboarding process with the power of virtual reality

Increase employee retention and improve your company’s onboarding process through VR. Find out more.

Redesign employee onboarding to increase retention


One-in-three employees will consider leaving a role in the first month if there’s a lack of proper onboarding. When you then factor in that it costs more than $42,000 to replace a team member due to logistical outlays and lost productivity, an effective onboard strategy isn’t just nice to have it’s critical to business success.

VR transforms the onboarding stage of the employee journey. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-follow experience that new starters can control, they’ll be more motivated, more engaged, and able to support the business as quickly as possible.

Better onboarding for new employees

Help new hires get up to speed quickly and efficiently. Tap into a VR onboarding process that’s built for the modern world of work and is designed to enhance the employee experience.

As-you-like-it learning

Let new starters practice tasks at their own pace in detailed, engaging VR scenarios proven to boost retention.

New process introduction

Introduce new business systems, equipment, or processes to your global workforce efficiently and at scale.

Reduce employee turnover

Create engagement and loyalty with immersive employee onboarding experiences that help new hires internalise company values quickly.

Build consistency

Ensure all new employees receive the same onboarding journey. This includes the views and direction of senior management, which helps build a truly global company united around a common vision.

Optimise onboarding with VR

A well-thought-out, strategic onboarding process sets the stage for high performing employees. VR makes onboarding more engaging, giving new starters greater confidence in their role and making knowledge acquisition easy to measure.

Risk-free, immersive self-learning

Onboarding is an ongoing process. Skills learned during this period must be repeated and practiced, but theoretical learning in the classroom doesn’t always translate well to the real world. VR lets employees build their skills in a risk-free virtual environment that can replicate any on-the-job scenario and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Flatten the learning curve

The average onboarding process consists of 54 activities. That’s a lot of information for new starters to absorb and apply, which will often delay how long it takes before they become operationally effective. VR transforms this process. Employees get a hands-on, interactive experience that’s more engaging and has been shown to reduce training time by upwards of 40%. As VR training is repeatable and accessible on-demand, new starters can also move at their own pace.

Increase employee performance

74% of employees feel they have untapped potential and want more training. 94% agree to stay longer if the organisation they work for invests in training to support their growth. Investing in ways to enhance onboarding has a huge benefit for retention, while removing the time and cost outlays associated with holding training sessions in person.

Enable iterative feedback and review

Onboarding shouldn’t take place in isolation. With multi-user scenarios and 3D recordings of training sessions, experienced team members can use VR to review the performance of new starters and give evidence-based feedback in real time, aiding collaboration and team integration.

The Immerse difference

Not every enterprise-ready VR solution is created equal. Find out how Immerse helps you supercharge the employee experience and maximise ROI.

Content freedom

Choose from Marketplace, our library of licensable off-the-shelf VR training apps, or work with Immerse to create compelling custom VR content. Use our SDK create your own or import your existing content. With modular support for creating your own single or multi-user scenarios, and a streamlined importing process for getting your existing content onto our platform to distribute at scale, you can ensure a consistent training experience for employees every time, no matter where they’re located.

Measurable insight

Guiding the development of soft skills can be difficult – but not with Immerse. As every user action is recorded, our platform transforms that information stream into actionable intelligence. Get the data-driven insight you need to measure attention and engagement, helping introduce real behavioural change.

Seamless integration and enterprise-level security

Using VR to develop soft skills works best when it can integrate with your existing systems. Our platform makes that possible. With xAPI and Single Sign-On (SSO) support, and secure connectivity to your LMS or other business intelligence tools, it’s quick and easy to introduce the benefits of VR.

Content distribution and scalability

Rolling out VR training for your workforce doesn’t have to mean an IT upgrade. Let us manage the complexities of user access requirements and content delivery, giving you the freedom to introduce a fully immersive learning environment at your own pace. As our platform can be accessed through a web browser, you don’t even need to equip every team member with a VR headset to get started.

Platform benefits

Immerse is designed from the ground up for simplified deployment and ongoing management, and offers several key benefits:

Risk-free simulation

Onboard employees in a safe, virtual environment that can replicate any real-world scenario.

Deeper engagement

A fully immersive cross-platform experience that helps employees to embrace corporate culture, as well as reinforcing knowledge retention.

Built-in repeatability

Create content once, roll it out countless times. Conduct onboarding at scale, consistently and efficiently.

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere with managed content hosting, further reducing costs.

Open platform

Secure, seamless integration with your existing systems and the freedom to bring and create your own content.

Hardware agnostic

Full support for a wide range of VR devices, as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications.

VR onboarding, real results

The first few weeks are crucial for new employees. Facebook wanted to offer a dynamic way for new starters to get up to speed, showcasing the breadth and scale of Facebook initiatives in an interactive way.

Using the Immerse Platform and the power of VR, Facebook employees can explore an immersive timescape that explains key product developments and milestones – creating a highly engaging approach to the onboarding process.


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