Rolling-out a global VR employee training and a customer experience program

“I truly believe that experiential learning is the future. This is where it starts. With the standalone VR assets, our life becomes easier, as we have all the tools to create, scale, measure, and roll out the training globally. These VR applications will play a key role in the future of immersive VR training at Nestlé.”

Jeremy Moussai

Global IT Innovation Manager – XR Lead

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Boosting training knowledge retention

Contributing to global corporate business safety goals

Educating sales staff and customers

Solving VR distribution challenges

Providing data capture for compliance audits

Reducing training costs

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Nestlé wanted to improve training efficacy across different business areas, tapping into the benefits of VR to solve different business challenges.

Scaling health and safety training to 400 factories worldwide

Workplace accidents, diseases and fatalities can lead to a high human, economic and social burden. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates:

  • Globally, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually.
  • Occupational injuries and diseases resulting from a harmful work environment constitute between 1.8% and 6.0% in Global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) loss from direct and indirect costs of injuries and diseases.


For Nestlé, ensuring that all manufacturing safety procedures are followed correctly is critically important. However, previous training methods proved to be costly, and not entirely efficient.

Immerse designed an interaction-rich VR training and assessment course covering correct procedures for Confined Spaces, Working at Heights, and Safe Modes of machine intervention (Stop the Machine & Apply Loto) for Nestlé staff working with production line machinery.

In addition, Immerse enabled Nestlé to deploy the virtual reality safety training modules developed by content creator Immersive Factory and available through the Immerse Marketplace to 400 Nestlé factories worldwide.

High-risk scenarios were consistently recreated virtually with no actual risk or cost. By adding interaction and allowing users to see some of the consequences of some of the associated hazards, employees were able to learn by doing, as well as seeing and hearing.

The training achieved 75% information recall rates compared to 10% with previous training.

Training was then distributed and deployed to employees across factories and tracked with the Immerse Platform analytics, to obtain valuable insights such as completion rates and process errors.

“With Immerse we now have all the tools to deploy and measure VR training across sites to meet safety goals, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs”.



Launching a customer experience program across key stores and locations

As well as providing safety training for the employees, Nestlé wanted to educate consumers on the importance of The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Programme, creating a sustainable supply of the highest quality coffee while improving the situation for coffee farmers and their communities.

Immerse designed a VR experience that gives consumers the opportunity to virtually visit and interact with a typical Nespresso AAA coffee farm. Enabling them to understand the depth of the AAA program and Nespresso coffee expertise by virtually practicing coffee production processes. The program was rolled out in 2021 and engaged sales staff and customers bringing to life Nestlé ethical practices in coffee harvesting, strengthening their brand perception.



  • Significantly increased employee engagement and received positive feedback across the board
  • Improved knowledge retention: achieved a 75% information recall rate, over the 10% rate with prior training methods
  • Risk-free training environment: successfully replicated high-risk scenarios virtually, eliminating actual risks
  • Cost efficiency: achieved notable cost reductions through streamlined processes
  • Scalability: distributed cloud-based content via the Immerse Platform globally
  • Data-driven insights: enabled objective and auditable data capture, enhancing training effectiveness and accountability
  • Positive stakeholder feedback: garnered strong positive feedback from sales staff and customers, enhancing understanding of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Programme


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