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The Immerse SDK offers XR developers a Unity package-based, modular framework for building enterprise VR experiences. It is provided completely free of charge, with the option to upgrade to a full Enterprise Edition to allow your project or customer to benefit from access to the Immerse Platform.

Key features


Intuitive, physics-based interactions allowing direct application of force, configurable torque and impulse settings, with a fully documented API.


Cross-platform XR controller input, with support for desktop and untethered VR, Android mobile, desktop applications and webGL.


Prioritised based on insight from our partners and our own experience developing content for companies such as Shell, Nestle and Facebook.


Easy upgrade to the Immerse Platform means you can switch on enterprise-level multiplayer, distribution, reporting, security and integration when you need it.

Free and Enterprise Editions

Compare our free and Enterprise Edition. Get in touch to find out more about upgrading to our Enterprise Edition.

Free with the Immerse SDK

  • Cross-platform XR controller input
  • Basic canvas UI interaction with XR controllers
  • Camera rig for stationary and room-scale XP
  • Physics based interactions
  • Simple interactive object setup
  • Multiple locomotion options
  • Device agnostic creation – Desktop/Untethered VR, Mobile, WebGL

Available with the Enterprise Edition upgrade

  • Integration with the Immerse Platform, with access to all platform features
  • Testing and versioning options via the Immerse Developer Portal
  • Multi-user across different devices (VR, Desktop, Mobile, Web

Immerse SDK roadmap

Our SDK roadmap lays out the top 5 forthcoming developments we have planned, with target dates for delivery. Be sure to provide your email address when downloading the SDK to make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

We’re always interested in hearing the problems enterprise XR developers face, so feel free to get in touch if there’s an item you’d like to see added.

NPC System
Easily add dynamic NPCs to your application, with full integration with Unity's timeline. With NavMesh and Animator IK support.
Non-VR Avatar System
Navigate your application using an intuitive control scheme intended for desktop or touch screen devices. Coupled with our multi-user feature, this gives you the ability to join in with or observe VR users inside the application.
Standardised UI system
A set of UI components to make UI design simple. With support for themes.
Voice-over and subtitling
Synchronize your application's voice-over with animation and subtitles using this extension for Unity's timeline. With a fully configurable subtitle display.
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The SDK Developer Hub

The Immerse SDK is fully version documented and publicly available at our Developer Hub.
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