Streamlining and enhancing global training efficiency

Creating a centralized repository to host, manage, measure and distribute 50+ applications to staff globally.

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Anglo American, a global mining company, had already made significant advancements in implementing immersive technology, with an extensive portfolio of over 50 applications including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and web-based formats such as WebGL, with a focus on health and safety and technical training. These applications were developed by various suppliers, leading to a fragmented management and tracking system, including a lack of standardization in user authentication, distribution, and reporting across these applications.

The primary goal was to create a centralized system for managing and deploying these applications efficiently while maintaining high standards of user experience and data integrity.

The Immerse Platform consolidated the 50+ existing applications, creating a centralized repository to host, manage, measure, and distribute learning content to their globally dispersed staff easily and securely.

The standardization of processes and integration with existing systems has laid a robust foundation for all future immersive application developments.


By standardizing user authentication and distribution processes, Immerse facilitated a smoother user experience and more efficient content management.

Immerse worked closely with Anglo American’s existing vendors to implement the Immerse Software Development Kit (SDK). This integration allowed seamless operation within the existing technological ecosystem, including Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities.

By integrating with SAP SuccessFactors, the Immerse Platform enabled automatic synchronization of user data and learning progress, providing valuable insights directly into their LMS. As AngloAmerican continues to grow and evolve, the integration offers the scalability needed to accommodate new users, additional content, and changing training requirements. This flexibility is vital for a global company operating in a dynamic industry.


  • Centralized management and deployment from a unified platform, significantly improving operational efficiency
  • The standardization of processes and integration with existing systems has laid a robust foundation for all future immersive application developments
  • Data-rich reporting across applications delivers actionable insights directly into the corporate LMS

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