Immerse is collaborating with Oculus as part of the new Oculus for Business program

29 May, 2019

The recent Facebook F8 conference unveiled a number of exciting developments in enterprise VR, announcing the launch of the long anticipated all-in-one Oculus Quest headset and spotlighting key innovators that are already demonstrating the impact this technology can have on the future of business.

We are really pleased to have had our work with DHL showcased at the event and to be actively collaborating with Oculus as part of the new Oculus for Business program. Tom Symonds, CEO attended the conference and shares his perspective.

To innovate and beyond

In lead up to the launch of Oculus for Business, the Oculus team have been looking to identify key innovators to work with and Immerse is proud to have been recognised.

The shakeout in the enterprise VR market has started and Immerse are right at the heart of it. We’re providing the integrated, scalable platform to enable businesses to modernise and adapt their training programmes providing a measurable return.

Onwards and upwards

The highly anticipated announcement from Oculus was certainly the all-in-one Oculus Quest, but this was not the sole development.

Alongside Oculus Quest, Oculus are launching a new software offering under Oculus for Business program, with support infrastructure facilitating fast set up for multiple devices. A key consideration for enterprise adoption will always be ease of use. The hardware, as well as the platform, needs to be intuitive and easily scalable across multiple users and multiple locations.

This development is definitely built with enterprise organisations in mind, removing key consumer features that might disrupt an immersive training environment, such as pressing the home button and being jumped out of the VR experience.

Immerse will be creating a super-user group with clients and Oculus, the principal objective of which will be sharing experiences and performance metrics with the ultimate aim of further evidencing the efficacy of enterprise VR through data.

The future is enterprise

When most people think of VR the first thing that may spring to mind might be gaming, or perhaps an immersive movie or video experience. The standard perception has not revolved around business and learning and development applications.

For most companies, investment in enterprise VR has felt more like an afterthought. But we are seeing positive change, as demonstrated by Oculus putting a real focus behind enterprise VR.

Under the expanded Oculus for Business program, new efforts have been put in place to support companies like Immerse who have demonstrated clear traction. We believe this strategic approach reflects the opportunity in the market and illustrates that enterprise VR will take its rightful place as front of mind in the VR sector.

The future is bright. VR is growing in sectors ranging from healthcare, energy, all the way to retail and the evidence of its successes will only increase as adoption takes firm hold. If you’d like to understand more about how enterprise VR can help your business, do get in touch.