VR training use cases across the energy, oil and gas industries

Improve drilling accuracy, enhance safety protocols, and boost maintenance efficiency through VR training that ensures compliance and operational excellence.

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Oil rig

Fire extinguishing in VR
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Operational safety and emergency response

Strengthen safety protocols and crisis management with VR training, reducing risks and enhancing response effectiveness.

Fixing equipment in VR
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Equipment operation and maintenance

Enhance machinery proficiency and maintenance skills through VR training, improving reliability and extending equipment lifespan.

Optimizing energy processes in VR
Process optimization and energy management

Optimize energy processes and management with VR training, increasing efficiency and sustainability.

Person extinguishing fire in VR
Operational safety and emergency response

Operational safety and emergency response training in VR focuses on hazard identification and risk assessment, providing immersive experiences that promote adherence to safety protocols. This category includes detailed simulations for firefighting and emergency evacuation procedures, spill and environmental hazard management, safety equipment usage, high-pressure system handling, and rescue operations in confined spaces.

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Gas pipe testing in VR
Equipment operation and maintenance

Equipment operation and maintenance training via VR allows workers to engage hands-on with industry-specific equipment, streamlining the onboarding process for new employees. This segment covers drilling equipment operation, pump and valve maintenance, refinery process handling, inspections of pipelines and storage tanks, troubleshooting mechanical failures, and managing operations on offshore platforms.

Additionally, the training includes detailed simulations for operations and maintenance of offshore platforms, refineries, and downstream assets, providing comprehensive coverage of the various facets of equipment and facility management. These simulations aim to reduce accidents by increasing familiarity and confidence in handling complex machinery, thereby enhancing safety and operational efficiency across multiple facility types.

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Identifying hazards in oil and gas sector in VR
Process optimization and energy management

In process optimization and energy management, VR is used to train personnel on critical processes and management techniques that drive industry efficiency and sustainability. This includes well control and blowout prevention, energy consumption analysis, carbon capture and storage techniques, renewable energy integration, waste reduction and management, and load balancing and grid management.

Through these simulations, employees gain a comprehensive understanding of both operational processes and their environmental impacts, ensuring that industry practices meet high standards of efficiency and sustainability.

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