The Immerse Platform for Enterprise

The open and scalable platform for
VR, AR and 3D employee experience

Content freedom

Create new or use existing VR, AR and 3D content while maintaining total freedom and flexibility

Measurable Insight

Supercharge your workforce and improve processes with quantifiable data-driven insights

Highly secure

Peace of mind with enterprise-grade security

Easy distribution

Easily distribute and scale VR content across your organisation

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate VR training with your existing systems

Powering the employee journey

Flexibility is at the heart of the Immerse platform, providing the tools and architecture to create and deliver experiences across the employee journey


Inspire, engage or educate candidates by providing a real sense of what it’s like to work at your organization. Then measure their suitability to do so.


Rapidly give new employees the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be effective. Engage them with your company culture and ethos.

Guided learning

Deepen your teams learning by empowering knowledge transfer from key knowledge holders, no matter where in the world they are.


Make on-demand self learning experiences available to your team, accessible anywhere or anytime. Provide feedback before, during or after learning to help your learners go faster. 


Use formative, diagnostic and summative assessments to guide learning, provide feedback and make decisions on where your employees go next with their learning journey.

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Learn how Immerse can empower you to scale immersive learning programmes across your organisation and transform the way you learn, explore and interact.

Content freedom

We empower VR creators to import and create enterprise-ready content.

From initial ideation of a concept through to full deployment of a finished module or product, the Immerse SDK is the foundation for enterprise VR. 

Your immersive strategy will evolve, so you need options. The SDK allows a range of development approaches, allowing content to be produced in-house, via a third-party supplier or purchased off-the shelf.

Measurable insight

As immersive content grows across your organisation, you need a way to ensure tracking and data is standardised and centralised. The Immerse Platform allows everything within a VR training module to be tracked and centralised via the our reporting engine, including user behaviour, objects & processes.

Objective reporting

Track user behaviour and efficacy with standardised text-based reports, viewable via our dashboards or CSV download. The service is designed to comply with the xAPI protocol, also allowing easy integration with Learning Management Systems, Learning Record Stores or data analytics tools.

Subjective reporting

Innovative tools to enable trainers or assessors to remotely view and assess performance in  real-time or via a session recording. Watch learner performance as if in real life, sharing spoken feedback in real-time or via configurable onscreen tools to capture objectives, errors and freeform comments.

Seamless integration

The platform simplifies the user journey and makes it infinitely easier to manage your own VR systems. Users can be authenticated into the platform using Single Sign On (SSO), providing them with secure access to all your training content. You can also export quantifiable data assessments to your LMS, a Learning Record Store or any other type of business intelligence tool you might use.

Cross-platform distribution

We recognise that every company and every use case has different device deployment needs. We support a range of immersive content and devices, including all major headsets from Oculus, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. We also enable desktop applications and browser-based WebGL, plus mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

Blended, multi-user delivery

Train and assess individuals or groups across locations by allowing single or multiple participants in the same training scenario.

As with video conferencing, users can access sessions via a simple URL or PIN code. This provides a range of options for the delivery of team training and collaborative experiences.

Highly secure

We are ISO 27001 compliant – the international standard for best practice for an Information Security Management System – and have conducted many independent penetration tests. The platform is hosted on AWS, providing compliance with over 50 international security and regulatory standards. Security reviews are carried out on a monthly basis.

The Immerse Platform allows us to gather the vital information that we need in order to upskill our employees efficiently in an innovative and engaging way

Anthony Del Barto, Learning Technology Manager

Download the Immerse brochure to learn:

  • How the Immerse Platform empowers organizations to create, import and distribute enterprise-ready content with minimal expertise required
  • The tracking capabilities that will provide you with reporting and a range of measurable insights
  • How you can easily distribute VR content across devices while ensuring enterprise-grade secure worldwide delivery
  • Seamless integration with your in-house systems for a simplified user journey