The Immerse Platform

Built for enterprise from the ground up, our open VR training platform helps companies create, scale and deploy VR training and maximise their ROI.

Content freedom:

Unleash new or existing content while maintaining freedom and flexibility

The Immerse Platform is a true open platform, giving you total freedom of choice and flexibility around the content you use. It enables you to get the most value from new or existing content by bringing it to life with measurable insights – and by making it easy to deploy and scale across your whole business.

Measurable insights:

Supercharge your workforce and improve processes with quantifiable data-driven insights

Our platform enables you to capture every training action by creating extensive records with over 30 data points per user per second. It then delivers this data in a customisable feedback report which complies with the xAPI protocol – providing flexibility and integrating easily with any LMS or data analytics tools you currently use.

Seamless integration:

Seamlessly integrate VR training with your existing systems

We make it easy for companies to manage and scale VR training and put seamless integration at the core of the Immerse Platform design. The platform simplifies the user journey and makes it infinitely easier to manage your own IT systems. Users can be authenticated into the platform using Single Sign On (SSO), providing them with secure access to all your training content. You can also export quantifiable data assessments to your LMS, a learning record store or any other type of business intelligence tool you might use.

Easy deployment and scalability:

Easily deploy and scale VR training whatever the size of your organisation

The Immerse Platform addresses the nuanced challenges of even the largest organisation. We ensure your program delivers value and longevity by making it straightforward to scale and deploy VR training. We simplify the process of managing both users and content, providing flexibility around multi-user options and access. And we do all this while negating the headache of internal hardware upgrades.

Highly Secure:

Peace of mind with enterprise-grade security

We developed the Immerse Platform by working alongside some of the largest global enterprises across the most stringent of sectors. As a result, our platform captures the different standards required by most businesses. It is ISO 27001 compliant – a prerequisite for some industries – and has been through rigorous independent penetration testing. Meanwhile, features such as single sign-on (SSO) enable a more seamless integration and roll out.


If we already have VR content can we use your platform to deploy and measure it?
Yes, existing Unity VR content can be imported onto our platform with minimal effort.
Does your platform integrate with existing systems, such as an LMS or LRS?

We use industry standard APIs to enable seamless and simple integration with your existing systems (e.g. LMS or BI tool).

Do you also create content or just licence your VR platform?
Yes we can create VR training content for you, but you also have the choice of using your own agency (existing or new) or internal resources. We give you the freedom to choose how you would like to work with us.
What hardware should I choose, and do you handle the purchase process?

The Immerse Platform is hardware agnostic, so you are able to choose the hardware that best suits your business needs. Whilst we do not handle the purchase of the hardware, we have close relationships with all the major hardware manufacturers.

Do you have a partner programme, and if so how would I become one?

Yes we do have a partner programme. Please contact us here discuss the specific opportunities you have in mind.

Is it possible to have a trial of your SDK?

Please contact us for more information about a possible trial. Information about our SDK can be accessed here or via our Developer portal.

The Immerse Platform allows us to gather the vital information that we need in order to upskill our employees efficiently in an innovative and engaging way

Anthony Del Barto, Learning Technology Manager

Discover how VR can transform your workforce

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