Virtual Enterprise Platform

Our award-winning Virtual Enterprise Platform helps enterprises create and embed VR training throughout the organisation. Transforming the way your employees explore, interact and learn.

Fast, cost-effect content

With our Software Development Kit (SDK), your in-house teams can create VR environments and content quickly and efficiently. And because you own everything you create, you’re free to evolve it to suit your changing needs.

Secure global deployment

When your content is ready, you can easily roll out your latest VR training programme worldwide directly from the platform. 

To ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible, you can use an array of useful, intuitive features such as role-based access control, audit logs, content libraries, organisational groups and permissions. You can also specify which content you want visible online and offline.

A range of delivery options

Scale your training appropriately for whoever needs it, wherever they are, without the associated costs. Single or multi-user modes enable up to 20 people to join a training session from anywhere in the world, either using a VR headset or via a normal web browser, with easy access via a shared URL.

Customisable reporting

Gain deeper, data-driven insights into how your training sessions are performing. With 30 data points a second collected in a session for each user, this enables detailed reporting via a bespoke dashboard or direct data feed to existing systems.

Enterprise system integration

Your organisation’s existing systems don’t need to be a barrier. Using xAPI, our platform can be integrated into your existing platforms, like an LMS. It’s also possible to implement Single Sign-On (SSO).


Is it possible to have a trial of your SDK?

Yes it is, please contact us for more information about a trial. 
More information about our SDK can be accessed via our Developer portal.

If we already have VR content can we use your platform to deploy and measure it?

Dependent on how your existing VR content has been created it may be possible to scale and measure this by licensing our Virtual Enterprise Platform. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you also create content or just licence your platform?

We can create VR content for you or just supply you with a licence and support for our Virtual Enterprise Platform. You are free to choose how you would like to work with us.

What hardware should I choose, and do you handle the purchase process?

Our Virtual Enterprise Platform is hardware agnostic, so you are able to choose the hardware that best suits your business needs. Whilst we do not handle the purchase of the hardware, we have close relationships with all the major hardware manufacturers.

Do you have a Value Added Reseller programme, and if so how would I become one?

Yes we do have a Value Added Reseller programme along with other partnership options. Please contact us for more information.



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