Our company

Our experience as innovators in the training sector has enabled us to develop our Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP), allowing enterprises to realise the full potential of virtual reality training.

Our Platform

The Immerse VEP has been built for enterprise from the ground up, working closely with customers to identify their real needs and applications across multiple sectors. It utilises an enterprise-grade cloud service for management, deployment and reporting of collaborative VR training applications.

Our Clients

Our client relationships have been built up over a number of years and demonstrate our ability to apply our VR technology across business sectors. Clients consider us as a long term strategic partner, valuing our ability to not only implement solutions but to also identify and solve key business challenges.  Key clients include DHL, Shell, QinetiQ, GE Healthcare, and TAFE.

Team Skills

Our shared passion for VR and the opportunity it offers for solving business challenges goes right through our multi-skilled team, from 3D designers, developers, UX to project managers. This passion, coupled with our experience in the learning & development sector, enables us to get up to speed quickly on projects, and to understand industry specific business challenges.

Project Approach

VR hardware, software and user expectations can change rapidly. We acknowledge this and use Scrum methodology, building projects in two-week sprints and delivering working code at each stage. This enables us to be working on the most important feature at any given time, with regular reviews of the latest build giving complete transparency on progress.






Is it possible to have a trial of your SDK?

Yes it is, we have a developer portal that contains all the required information. Please email us for more information about an SDK trial info@immerse.io.

What if I already have VR content but want to use your platform?

Dependent on how your existing VR content has been created it may be possible to host this on our Virtual Enterprise Platform. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you also create content or just supply the platform?

We can create VR content for you or just supply you with access to our Virtual Enterprise Platform. You are free to choose how you would like to work with us

What hardware should I choose, and do you handle the purchase process?

Our Virtual Enterprise Platform is hardware agnostic, so you are able to choose the hardware that best suits your business needs. Whilst we do not handle the purchase of the hardware, we have close relationships with all the major hardware manufacturers, so we would be happy to introduce you.

Do you have a Value Added Reseller programme, and if so how would I become one?

Yes we do have a Value Added Reseller programme along with other partnership options. To find out more please contact us via sales@immerse.io



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40% of participants scored at least 10% higher in recall ability using VR over the desktop display.

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