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Accelerating and standardizing knowledge transfer for new employees globally.

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For Facebook, it was vital to ensure that new starters have a great understanding of the company’s values, history, and products from the offset.

The company envisioned an immersive training and educational experience for new hires delivered through the Quest headset as part of Facebook’s AR/VR onboarding program.

Immerse designed an interactive virtual reality experience that covered the past, present and future of the Facebook organization and products. This included detailed walkthroughs of existing products, product design processes and forthcoming roadmap developments.

The training was delivered as a Meta Quest application, taking advantage of the interactivity made available by this device.

The training accelerated and standardized knowledge transfer for new employees globally.

The virtual reality training ensured that every employee received the same experience, maintaining consistency in the quality and content of the onboarding process. This is especially important in a tech company where consistent knowledge and skills are crucial.

The application was powered by the Immerse platform, providing user management and the tracking of learner performance data. The platform enabled integration with Facebook Single Sign-On and its Learning Management System.


  • Increased engagement and knowledge retention: with VR, employees remember what they’ve learned because they’re actively participating in the learning process, rather than just passively receiving information
  • Standardized training: training quality is ensured across locations
  • Time and cost efficiency: time and costs associated with traditional onboarding are reduced as it eliminates the need for physical resources and travel
  • Scalability: the training was easily scaled to accommodate a large number of employees
  • The Immerse Platform enabled training performance tracking, which contributed to improved training feedback. This data can be used to continuously improve the onboarding process and create personalized learning paths.

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