Driving business growth through strategic XR training implementation

Developing an in-house XR capability and enhancing operational agility

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Creating a unified solution for immersive learning

Building an internal XR capability

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A top 10 global life sciences organization recognized the necessity of incorporating immersive learning into its strategic growth initiative. To keep pace with their expansion and the diverse needs of stakeholders across regions, they required an enterprise-grade solution to create, manage, distribute, and analyze all current and future immersive learning content. The solution needed to offer the flexibility to both create original content and integrate external content seamlessly, addressing the unique requirements of their global operations.

The company selected the Immerse Platform and the Immerse Software Developent Kit (SDK) to support the creation of a new XR internal team tasked with delivering a global immersive learning program. With the Immerse SDK, the team was able to create consistent and standardised immersive content across a variety of use cases across, and by consolidating all the immersive learning experiences into the Immerse Platform, management and reporting were streamlined.

Implementing a dedicated immersive learning platform was crucial to enhancing training for the company’s strategic growth initiatives.


  • Strategic business advantage: the implementation of a controlled and scalable XR platform delivered a consistent, high-quality training experience across global operations, directly contributing to improved business performance and operational excellence
  • Expansion and Scalability: the platform’s and SDK flexibility empowered a newly created team to independently create and deploy XR solutions, fostering innovation and accelerating the adoption of XR technologies within the company’s growth model

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