Changing employee behaviors and improving safety performance globally

“Using Immerse’s learning environment has allowed our learners to practice important skills and experiment in a risk-free environment – this has been key to facilitating behavioural change that increased time-to-competency and reduced equipment downtime.”

Graeme Lannigan

Global HSSE Learning Manager, BP

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At BP, safety comes first. Safety performance is underpinned by its operating management system (OMS): the systematic framework designed to sustainably deliver safe, reliable and compliant operations. BP´s Safety Leadership Principles (SLP) guide behavior and ways of working across BP to drive a robust, consistent safety culture. The rationale of SLP is that when employees feel that there is a supportive safety culture, then they can share more about the way they work, how things are, and how accidents might be prevented in the future.

However, the previous e-learning training did not recreate the typical conversations that safety leaders and their staff would have, thus not delivering a supportive safety culture.
Immerse adopted an approach in which simulated conversations played a key role and showed the trainees the types of questions to ask that would allow them to understand how things operate currently without putting the trainees on a defensive footing.

The training led to 84% behavioural improvement back on the job and an 275% ROI


In addition, BP needed a central platform to consolidate all their immersive content including VR and webGL into one place, deliver it to the multiple devices where the content is consumed, and allow them to measure its impact.

The training was rolled out to over 8,000 employees at BP in 2023 and more is expected in 2024.


  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction with a 4.8 rating over 5
  • Boosted training knowledge retention: 95% acquired new and valuable learning for their leadership role
  • Behavior change: 84% behavioral improvement back on the job
  • Increasing business impact: 2% increase in business performance directly attributable to training
  • Proving ROI: 275% return on investment

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