Immerse partners with Bodyswaps to help bridge the soft skills gap through immersive training experiences

Enterprise virtual reality (VR) software provider Immerse has today announced its new partnership with Bodyswaps, a well-known provider of soft skills training solutions designed to deliver lasting behavioural change.

Virtual Reality is transforming the way we learn, explore and interact, especially as the pandemic has accelerated companies digitisation strategies. With a global customer base and customers such as DHL, Nestlé and bp, Immerse provides the enterprise technology that allows businesses to create, distribute, measure and integrate all forms of immersive content using highly secure cloud-based systems. This partnership is part of an ongoing initiative from Immerse to build an ecosystem where the Immerse Platform will empower and enable organisations to embrace the future of training in the workplace.

Soft skills are an essential part of working effectively with others, but over the last year, our availability to learn, practise and revise these skills in professional settings has been heavily disrupted. From resolving conflict, to giving feedback, to mastering job interviews, Bodyswaps immersive training solutions allow participants to carry out repeated and applied autonomous practice in realistic, yet psychologically safe, environments. They are then able to watch their performance back from another perspective, receiving AI-enabled analytical feedback to further accelerate their personal development.

The initial library of Bodyswaps experiences to be made compatible and available through the Immerse platform include:

Workplace Communication Essentials:

  • Active Listening: to help build better relationships with people around you.
  • Clear Communication: to get you heard, understood and make you able to influence others.
  • Gender Inclusion: to help with important conversations and foster an inclusive work environment.
  • Career Mindset Development: Role-play challenging situations with virtual colleagues.


Inclusive Leadership:

  • Understanding Conflict: to help uncover sources of conflict, build a nuanced understanding and prepare your strategy for resolving conflict.
  • Giving Feedback: helps to set out best practices to give judgement-free evidence-based feedback and trigger self-reflection.
  • Resolving Conflict: a set of techniques to help you resolve conflicts by coaching the manager to do so.


Job Interview:

  • 3 steps to answering (almost) any question: Discover a simple, effective technique to answer almost any question
  • Landing the perfect job, on your own terms!: Learn how to turn your needs into strengths with a three-step strategy
  • Managing interview anxiety: Showcase your true strengths and achievements in interviews
  • Interview simulation: The ultimate interview preparation featuring 60 top interview questions


Tom Symonds, Immerse CEO comments: We are delighted to have partnered with the team at Bodyswaps. Soft skills are incredibly important, but can be difficult to teach and assess using traditional training methods, especially over the past year. We’re thrilled to be able to help Bodyswaps scale this content among organisations while providing data-driven insights.

Christophe Mallet, CEO at Bodyswaps adds: We are very excited to be working with Immerse to help as many organisations as possible to revolutionise their soft skills training and thrive in a hybrid working world. Looking towards a future in which colleagues spend less time in the same physical space, soft skills will be even more vital to enable teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.