UTURN: Experience the gender divide

Diversity and inclusion, Gender equality
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You are placed in the middle of two intertwined stories, told from a female or a male character’s perspective. You embody each character in first person point of view, and you can choose what perspective to watch at any time by simply turning around. Only the scene being looked at can be heard through a unique spatial sound design. Whatever you miss changes your perspective on the overall story.

The story: A dog-themed dating site goes down due to a data center server interruption that sweeps the nation. It is up to a female developer and her male teammates to get their site up and running again before their CTO, juggling his problems, has to make a pivotal pitch to VCs the next day.

Awards & Festivals:

  • Special Jury Prize Jump into VR Fest 2017
  • Nominated Best Interactive Experience FIVARS 2017 & Best Cinematic Narrative Experience Raindance 2017
  • 2019: Cannes XR, Women Deliver film festivals
  • 2018: SATIS, Nuit Blanche, Colcoa, Seattle, Cleveland, Nantucket films festivals
  • 2017: VR Days, UN Women, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Tacoma film festivals; Oculus Connect, Samsung DC conferences

Learning objectives

  • Explore conscious and unconscious biases and behaviors and deepen the conversation around gender bias
  • Create a greater empathetic response to different persons, conditions, and experiences
  • Witness individual and group power dynamics and biases within a start-up
  • Increased sense of responsibility and willingness to take action to advance a healthier culture for all (research study-based results)
  • Compare your viewing experience with other participants if viewed in a group setting
  • Coupled with facilitated group discussion, it accelerates the pace of change to create inclusive, equitable organizations

App info

  • Creator NativeVR
  • Languages English
  • Headsets Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
  • Modes Single user

About the creator: NativeVR

NativeVR is an independent VR studio in California focused on creating immersive experiences with a transformative and social impact, for corporate or eductional organizations.