VR content creation

We make high-quality VR training content based on measurable outcomes

Our VR content customers include

VR content expertise and experience

We have 20 years experience in learning, with 6 years focused solely on developing VR content that solves real problems. Whichever part of the employee engagement cycle you are targeting, we can work with you and your subject matter experts to create high-impact, effective VR. From specification and concepting, to production and roll-out, we have the people and processes to ensure our outcomes are achieved.

Flexible VR creation

We’ve created a wide range of VR experiences, from sales training to health and safety, hospitals to submarines, single to multi-user, VR to web. Key to our success is our ability to understand and interpret customer requirements in this new and powerful medium.

More than just delivering content

We know that building great content alone doesn’t ensure the success of a VR project. Our customer success team provides insight and support on hardware, integration, user administration and roll-out. Where appropriate, they will liaise with your IT and Operations team to ensure successful deployment and a great end-to-end user experience.

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Discover how VR can transform your workforce

We believe that VR can enhance human performance in remarkable ways. Get in touch to explore what the Immerse Platform can achieve for your business.