Enhance corporate culture with VR

Transform corporate culture with the power of virtual reality

Explore how VR can help transform corporate culture and create an engaged, satisfied workforce.

Maintain the social foundation that underpins business success


Company culture is an integral part of any business strategy. Disengaged employees negatively impact productivity, innovation, and the bottom line to the tune of $550 billion a year. Yet, company culture is hard to maintain with an increasingly remote team in today’s modern working environment.

VR helps enhance the employee experience in this regard. Whether you’re enabling disparate teams to better collaborate or encouraging healthy colleague relationships, VR can transform corporate culture with a focus on team building.

Boost engagement and drive retention with VR

Redesign company culture for the modern working environment, giving employees the tools they need to better engage and connect.

Improve employee connection

Enable employees to learn together in a group environment, embracing the future of training in the workplace.

Attract the next generation of talent

Create a safe, risk-free environment that reduces distraction for both employee and assessor.

Stronger collaboration

Enable remote teams to train together, improving how they perform and creating a better way to build meaningful relationships and instil trust with colleagues.

Reduce unconscious bias

Help employees understand and act against unconscious bias with immersive VR training focused on inclusion and empathy.

Build a corporate culture that resonates with employees

The pandemic has changed employer needs and employee expectations. 70% of L&D leaders now see employee engagement as a top priority. VR helps managers respond with flexibility, resiliency, and empathy.

Retain a happy, productive workforce

Team building is critical to company culture, especially for global organisations. It’s important for growth, too, as companies that invest in employee development are 21% more profitable. With cross-device support, VR makes immersive team building and training accessible for all. Sessions can be run more frequently, enhancing the overall employee experience and helping leadership teams to drive engagement in today’s remote working environment.

Support new working practices

Unlock a cost-effective way to support and enhance modern working practices. Through immersive virtual spaces and scenario-based, realistic multi-user learning environments, employees can collaborate with fewer distractions and without incurring travel costs, minimising off-task time and maximising educational impact.

The Immerse difference

Not every enterprise-ready VR solution is created equal. Find out how Immerse helps you supercharge the employee experience and maximise ROI.

Content freedom

Choose from Marketplace, our library of licensable off-the-shelf VR training apps, or work with Immerse to create compelling custom VR content. Use our SDK create your own or import your existing content. With modular support for creating your own single or multi-user scenarios, and a streamlined importing process for getting your existing content onto our platform to distribute at scale, you can ensure a consistent training experience for employees every time, no matter where they’re located.

Measurable insight

Guiding the development of soft skills can be difficult – but not with Immerse. As every user action is recorded, our platform transforms that information stream into actionable intelligence. Get the data-driven insight you need to measure attention and engagement, helping introduce real behavioural change.

Seamless integration and enterprise-level security

Using VR to develop soft skills works best when it can integrate with your existing systems. Our platform makes that possible. With xAPI and Single Sign-On (SSO) support, and secure connectivity to your LMS or other business intelligence tools, it’s quick and easy to introduce the benefits of VR.

Content distribution and scalability

Rolling out VR training for your workforce doesn’t have to mean an IT upgrade. Let us manage the complexities of user access requirements and content delivery, giving you the freedom to introduce a fully immersive learning environment at your own pace. As our platform can be accessed through a web browser, you don’t even need to equip every team member with a VR headset to get started.

Platform benefits

Immerse is designed from the ground up for simplified deployment and ongoing management, and offers several key benefits:

Improve working relationships

Build an environment where global teams can have better working relationships with each other and the c-suite, proven to increase productivity, boost creativity, and reduce the likelihood of turnover.

Deeper engagement

A fully immersive cross-platform experience that helps employees build stronger connections and escape the isolation found with remote working.

Built-in repeatability

Create content once, roll it out countless times. Engage employees at scale, consistently and efficiently.

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere with managed content hosting, further reducing costs.

Open platform

Secure, seamless integration with your existing systems and the freedom to bring and create your own content.

Hardware agnostic

Full support for a wide range of VR devices, as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications.

Bringing remote teams closer together

Trusted by global organisations:

Our clients want to train people anytime, anywhere, and the Immerse Platform enables you to do that. It allows people to enter into a virtual environment as a team and train together wherever they are located at whatever time,

Helen Dudfield, Chief Scientist for Training & Human Performance, QinetiQ.

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