VR for employee assessment

Transform employee assessment with the power of virtual reality

Explore how VR assessments can transform employee experience and create a more consistent and efficient process.

Tomorrow’s solution to today’s assessment challenge


On-the-job assessments are rarely consistent. Managers have their own styles, which may or may not follow corporate guidelines. Bias can creep in. And, in the case of a technical skill review, safety is also a pressing concern. Add in the logistical challenges of assessing a global workforce and you’ve got a minefield of complexity that’s a headache to manage.

VR assessments bring consistency and efficiency to this process. It’s a new approach to assessment that is designed for modern business needs and supports evolving L&D strategies.

Replicate any real-word assessment scenario with VR

Empower your managers to conduct employee assessments in a flexible, virtual environment that can replicate any on-the-job scenario.

Increase assessment throughput

Eliminate the bottlenecks of traditional assessment practices and decouple completion of the task from its review.

Evaluate employees safely

Create a safe, risk-free environment that reduces distraction for both employee and assessor.

Enhance skill-based assessment

Observe how employees apply their skills to a replicated real-world scenario. Provide feedback and course correction in real time.

Mitigate unconscious bias

Capture objective, unbiased results about employee competency and behaviour for peer review at the assessment stage.

Drive new efficiencies with VR

Ongoing employee assessment is critical to the success of your business, but it can be time-consuming and costly. VR solves this by increasing the efficiency of the evaluation process.

Remote assessment

VR is now accepted as the most cost-effective way of training and assessing employees at scale. It avoids the travel outlays and the upkeep of physical installations or simulators for training purposes. Instead, with VR, employees can be assessed virtually anywhere in the world.

Digital audit

82% of organisations use a learning management system, which helps record whether employees have completed the necessary training to be safe and productive in their role. VR enhances this critical process with 3D recording functionality. This gives you powerful audit capabilities and concrete, replayable proof of completion.

Skill gap identification

87% of executives report a skills gap in their organisation (CSG 2021 learning report). It’s a particular problem for roles that have specialist requirements. Ensuring employees are up to the task is essential – especially if failing to apply the right action could have disastrous consequences. VR helps tackle this, as employees can demonstrate their understanding and critical thinking in a safe environment. Any gaps are easy to pinpoint and can be followed with actionable advice on the learning journey.

In-depth reporting

Assessment is driven by data. VR makes it easier to unlock the insights you need to enhance its success. By providing analytical feedback on employee decision-making and behaviour, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of on-task performance. This makes it easy to identify where current training practices fall short if employees are failing at the same stage again and again, as well as uncovering the data you need to optimise the future assessment process.

The Immerse difference

Not every enterprise-ready VR solution is created equal. Find out how Immerse helps you supercharge the employee experience and maximise ROI.

Content freedom

Choose from Marketplace, our library of licensable off-the-shelf VR training apps, or work with Immerse to create compelling custom VR content. Use our SDK create your own or import your existing content. With modular support for creating your own single or multi-user scenarios, and a streamlined importing process for getting your existing content onto our platform to distribute at scale, you can ensure a consistent training experience for employees every time, no matter where they’re located.

Measurable insight

Guiding the development of soft skills can be difficult – but not with Immerse. As every user action is recorded, our platform transforms that information stream into actionable intelligence. Get the data-driven insight you need to measure attention and engagement, helping introduce real behavioural change.

Seamless integration and enterprise-level security

Using VR to develop soft skills works best when it can integrate with your existing systems. Our platform makes that possible. With xAPI and Single Sign-On (SSO) support, and secure connectivity to your LMS or other business intelligence tools, it’s quick and easy to introduce the benefits of VR.

Content distribution and scalability

Rolling out VR training for your workforce doesn’t have to mean an IT upgrade. Let us manage the complexities of user access requirements and content delivery, giving you the freedom to introduce a fully immersive learning environment at your own pace. As our platform can be accessed through a web browser, you don’t even need to equip every team member with a VR headset to get started.

Platform benefits

Immerse is designed from the ground up for simplified deployment and ongoing management, and offers several key benefits:

Risk-free simulation

Assess employees in a safe, virtual environment for scenarios that are either too dangerous or inviable to replicate in reality.

Deeper engagement

A fully immersive cross-platform experience that helps employees understand the right actions to take, reinforcing knowledge retention.

Built-in repeatability

Create content once, roll it out countless times. Conduct employee assessments at scale, consistently and efficiently.

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere with managed content hosting, further reducing costs.

Open platform

Secure, seamless integration with your existing systems and the freedom to bring and create your own content.

Hardware agnostic

Full support for a wide range of VR devices, as well as browser-based WebGL and mobile applications.

Virtual assessment, real results

Trusted by global organisations:

By this being on the cloud, there’s a chance for us to collect objective data and to adapt training to personalise it and make it slower or faster according to individual needs.
From an organisational benefit, that in itself has a massive impact on effectiveness and people’s enjoyment and experience of learning,

Helen Dudfield, Chief Scientist for Training & Human Performance, QinetiQ.

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