The Immerse SDK for Unity

We empower all VR creators to importand create enterprise-ready content.

Create or import content

Use the Immerse SDK to create or import VR content for enterprise deployment, measurement and integration.
Scale VR with easy enterprise distribution

Easy to configure, industry standard reporting

Enterprise-grade security

All content centralised in an organisational library

Identity and access management

State-of-the-art VR data capture

A range of content options

Build single or multi-user training content using any of your preferred interaction libraries and import existing content. It’s easy-to-use and allows Unity developers to build instantly scalable, enterprise-ready applications that can be securely delivered to users and tracked consistently via a single organisational dashboard.

The value of enterprise-ready

For organisations

  • Flexibility to build yourself, use a supplier or both
  • Consistent experiences and measurement for all your VR content and users
  • Ability to easily consolidate and scale existing content

For content creators

  • Instant, scalable enterprise-ready content for your customers, without changing your development practices
  • Upsell path for existing customers
  • Referral commission opportunities

Import VR in 4 easy steps

Flexible VR creation

A completely modular approach to creating single and multi-user VR and immersive content

Key features

  • Transparent Immerse Platform integration for editor-based testing and debugging
  • Content Access Flows for WebGL, Desktop, and Standalone Headsets
  • Call built-in reporting scripts
  • Use any interaction library you want
  • Use VR or Keyboard + Mouse interaction models
  • Build for Windows VR, Android VR, and WebGL

Multi-user options

  • Automatically synchronised transform component
  • Low-level custom messages with flexible behaviours
  • Built-in voice support
  • Custom voice channels configuration
  • Built-in default VR avatars, easily replaced with custom models
  • Automatic avatar instantiation & managementSynchronise views across clients
  • Extensible camera management & behaviour
  • Built-in session recording & playback
  • Advanced persisted state configuration for snapshots & scrubbing

SDK Developer Hub

The Immerse SDK is fully version documented and publicly available at our Developer Hub.


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