Working at Heights

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The average height of a single story construction project is about 14 feet. While this may not seem like much, a fall from this height can cause serious damage; 4 out 5 falls from over 11 feet end in death. In fact, 1,008 workers died as a result of workplace falls in 2018. 33.5% of these deaths were in construction, making fatal falls OSHA’s number one accident that can occur on the jobsite. However, fatal falls are 100% avoidable.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the role of a personal fall arrest system
  • Inspect and select a safety harness
  • Inspect and select a lanyard
  • Inspect and select an anchorage point
  • Participate in preventing accidents on the jobsite

Available now

Hard Hat VR
10-15 mins
Work at Height
Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 3
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


Hard Hat VR provides immersive training and simulation experiences using the power of Virtual Reality. Our team is dedicated to developing immersive training solutions that can help save lives, protect resources, and Increase productivity. Our products include VR training for the construction industry as well as custom VR development.

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