Virtual Life Support

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Virtual Life Supportâ„¢ is a Virtual Reality CPR training module that prepares people to provide CPR in the real world.

Existing CPR courses let you train your technique, but no amount of classroom training can truly prepare you for encountering someone unconscious on the ground.

With virtual reality we can close the gap between classroom training and the real world unlike any other tool, giving people the confidence to act when there is a life on the line.

Key features:

  • Intuitive to use without controllers
  • Accurate measurement of CPR performance
  • Implements the ERC BLC guidelines
  • Fully integrated virtual AED
  • Practice CPR as often as you like, wherever you like

Learning objectives

  • Assess a rescue situation
  • Recognize a cardiac arrest
  • Know what to do in event of a cardiac arrest
  • Perform Basic Life Support according to the European Resuscitation Council guidelines
  • Perform high quality CPR: get depth and frequency of chest compressions right
  • Be able to use an AED

Available now

VR Lab
10 mins
Health & safety
Meta Quest 2
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


At VR Lab we have been developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions for a broad range of use cases since 2017. Always exploring the boundaries of what was and is possible with VR and where VR is most effective for applications that will suit many industries and many customers.

Ever since the inception of VR Lab, we have delivered a lot of great, challenging, and innovative projects for our customers. As a lab, we have been fortunate to experiment with all that's exciting about Virtual Reality. One of those projects was so exciting and held so much promise, that we decided to develop it into Virtual Life Support, a fun and innovative way to train CPR with the power of Virtual Reality.

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