Vehicle Securement

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The user performs specialized vehicle inspection routines such as visual, and physical validation.
Voice over is included as a tutorial element to help walk the user through interactions.
The user connects and validates tie-downs requirements for different loads
The user runs chains between attachment points.
The user properly centers and maintains a proper load weight.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to secure and check a vehicle for transportation properly
    which meets or exceeds the FMCSA transportation guidelines
  • Learn how to inspect the vehicle, trailer, and protective equipment.
    Learn proper load securement including weight, tie-downs, and chains
  • Learn transportation requirements, and safety checks, while in transit to the client site
  • The user performs a walk-through on the arrival and unloading of the vehicle

Available now

3D Media
30-60 mins
Health and Safety, Technical Training
Meta Quest 2
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


3D Media is a certified woman and veteran-owned small business founded on the idea of creating better training for all through VR/AR technology.
Our mission is to reduce this risk and help organizations build an agile and adaptive workforce via scalable VR/AR training solutions.
Today, 3D Media is revolutionizing talent and workforce development, creating safer training environments, and increasing trainee retention versus traditional instruction by over 75 percent. At our core, we believe everyone deserves to make it home to their families, every day.

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