The Meditation Space

Solas VR adds an extra dimension to your VR experiences and use cases. Just a few minutes in Virtual nature will allow your mind to reset and refocus. You can transport yourself to a range of calming experiences set in beautiful natural environments. Not only does this enhance your training session (as the mind absorbs more when calm) but also as a Stand Alone experience it delivers powerful Wellness benefits.


  • 3 Distinct Modules Meditations, Breathing Techniques and Weekly Wisdoms (or Life Hacks)
  • 12 different locations
  • Build your own experiences mixing beautiful real Nature scenes and a range of Audio
  • Choose Guided Meditations, Music, Drumming, Ambient sounds or Silence 

Solas VR app adds an extra dimension to your performance and well being. Having a focused and clear mind is the cornerstone of creativity, and this is exactly what our app delivers. Give yourself a break, tailor your session as you like and let your mind wander- virtually- in the fields and lakes of Ireland. 

Choose among the three different modules available on the immerse platform (meditation, breathing exercises, weekly wisdom) and find your way to inner peace and better performance.

This is the future of wellbeing. Embrace it and be more.



Harnesses the power of microbreaks, that allow the mind to regain focus


Prepares the mind to absorb new information and to be open to change


Brings training participants to a calm state of mind and emotions, by getting rid of negativity


Ultimately, boosts training effectiveness and employee wellness, even in remote environments

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