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Working at height on a scaffold is a routine activity in high-risk industries such as construction, mining, and energy. Risk awareness and compliance with safe work procedures are crucial while performing these tasks to avoid injury from falling and other potential accidents. In this scenario, trainees will pass through a complete standard safe work procedure, from start to finish, while experiencing accidents and risks.

In this module trainees will:

  • Select and equip personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Select and equip tools, accessories, and fall protection systems.
  • Inspect and identify certified fall protection systems.
  • Identify and recognize personnel involved in the task.
  • Secure and delimit the work area.
  • Identify risks associated with the task.
  • Tie off anchor points for safe work.
  • Experience accidents and learn how to prevent them.

This module has a tutorial mode, for a guided learning experience, and an evaluation mode, for assessment and analytics.

This module is a part of Proximity Work at Height series.

Learning objectives

  • Apply standardized safe work procedures in a high-risk scaffolding scenario.
  • Experience potential accidents and recognize the risks associated with the use of scaffolding.

Available now

10-15 mins
English, Spanish
Meta Quest 2
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


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