Rear Guard

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Rear Guard is a VR training aid for workers responsible for assisting drivers of large vehicles to complete reversing manoeuvres safely.

Rear Guard sees the user play the role of a worker tasked with assisting the driver of a large vehicle as it reverses down a narrow street to fulfil an objective, such as delivering goods.

Viewed from a first person perspective, the user freely teleports around an urban street scene, positioning themselves to ensure they remain safe, visible to the driver and with a clear view of the area behind the reversing vehicle. Then, communicating through physically performing basic hand signals, the user advises the driver of when it is safe to reverse and when it is not, taking into account the movements of traffic and pedestrians, until the vehicle reaches the target destination.

A single street scene hosts several distinct training scenarios that cover the most common reversing manoeuvres – reversing in a straight line and reversing left or right round a corner. Combined with a selection of featured vehicles, multiple different configurations of street furniture and event randomisation, this one scene can be repurposed to provide a hugely repeatable experience that is different every time, resulting in a valuable training tool.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the correct physical positioning and visual signals required to safely reverse a large vehicle
  • Demonstrate the appropriate physical positioning and visual signals required to safely reverse a large vehicle

Available now

Make Real
30 mins
Technical skills
Meta Quest 2
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


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