LOTO on Electrical Installation Indoor

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The VR-based Lockout-Tagout – Indoor course aims to alert your teams to the importance of following safety procedures when working on electrical installations to eliminate any risk of electrocution.

Available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish

Learning objectives

  • Check that they have understood the safety instructions at each step in the LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) process: wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), compliance with the recommended sequence of mandatory and regulatory LOTO operations, and so on.
  • Remain focused and follow the instructions and procedures.
  • Experience a virtual simulation of an accident and its consequences.

Available now

Immersive Factory
15 mins
Best Practices
English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Turkish
Pico Neo 3
Single user
Includes metrics
Additional peripherals required


Created by experts from the EHS and digital world, our workshops and training are based on emotionally impactful experience in a realistic virtual environment.. Immersion, initiative-taking and evaluation are the keys to an active learning experience that prevents risks and produces a long-term influence on behavior.

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